About Us

Yo! We are CUBANLINKSTORES,Born in United States and based in GuangZhou,began customizing jewelry in 2021.we started CUBANLINKSTORES to disrupt the overpriced and outdated models of the jewelry industry.We are committed to creating the coolest and most eye-catching jewelry for hip-hop culture and music enthusiasts.

Our brand name "CUBANLINKSTORES" comes from the slang "I see it", which symbolizes our team's attention to detail and dedication to each piece of work. We also hope to convey a positive attitude and culture.

We are not just an ordinary jewelry team, but more like a group of guys who love music and street culture. We draw inspiration from hip-hop culture and use creative and innovative ways to design jewelry so that you can show your personality and attitude on your Necklaces&Pendants&Bracelets&Rings&Earrings

We firmly believe that jewelry is not just a simple accessory, but also a reflection of lifestyle and culture. Therefore, we pay attention to every detail and material in the design and production of each piece of jewelry, striving to give you the highest quality and most valuable jewelry.

At CUBANLINKSTORES, we constantly pursue innovation and progress. We hope to use our jewelry to convey a positive, confident, and optimistic attitude, becoming the most dazzling and unique landscape in your life.

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